Planned Absence

One of the benefits of group learning is in the savings over individual, private lessons: a low tuition rate depends on everyone in class contributing. Absence from a single class is not credited—if missing one class, it is suggested that the student consider a private lesson to make up the class, or request a recording of class well in advance of class. If possible, and with enough advance notice, it may be possible to reschedule class to accommodate your schedule. Day-of, or night-before cancelations will not be accommodated, all scheduling adjustments must be made in advance, and also must agree with everyone in the class.

If you anticipate missing 2 or more group classes in a session, and these lessons cannot be rescheduled, online students may deduct $25 per class you will not be attending. In-person students at my home studio may deduct $20 per class. There are no deductions, or rescheduling, possible for classes meeting in the public schools.

Adjustments to tuition must be made on or before the start date of a session, no refunds, additional private lessons, or credit will be granted after the session has begun, except in extreme unforeseen circumstances.

Pro-rated Tuition & Credits

If you are a new student joining an experienced class (any class other than the first beginner course) at any time other than the start of the session, tuition may be pro-rated, please inquire. If you have received any sort of credit, please be aware that this credit will have to be utilized within 3 months of issuance or else it is forfeit. Credits shall be nullified should this program be moved, or terminate.

Inclement Weather (Physical Location)

In the wintertime months, snow may be an issue especially with students traveling from distances further away from our meeting location. Though sympathetic to travel issues, classes will always be held on snow, and inclement weather days, unless our meeting location is closed (if your class is in the public schools, closure of the school will result in our class being canceled.) Any in-person class cancellation in the schools, or at my residence, will be made via email as early as possible on the day of class, if there is no such cancellation, you can assume that class will be held as planned. If you have to miss your lesson, please keep in mind that you may schedule a private lesson to make up for a missed class.

Cancellation, Absence & Withdrawal

If you have missed class, or are dropping out of class, there is no refund of tuition or forwarding of tuition to another class. Lateral shifts are sometimes possible if two identical classes are running simultaneously, and there is vacancy. If you are missing a lesson, it is suggested to schedule private lessons to stay up to date with your class.

Because classes have limited enrollment, and that there are administrative and physical costs, there is a cancellation policy. If you need to cancel your enrollment, you may do so up until 10 days before the first class with a $25 penalty. If you are canceling inside of 10 days prior to the first class, or after classes have started, your entire fee paid will be forfeit if your place in the class is not filled. Please consider that if you enroll, your place in class is saved for you—this policy is in place to keep small classes going, and on budget, even in the unfortunate event that a student can't attend.

As the workplace or other concerns will make demands on students that occasionally or permanently take them from classes, there is a trend of students needing to miss or withdraw from class. Though sympathetic to this climate, please realize that when one enrolls in a class, one has taken a place in that class. It is not the fault of this program if a student is unable to attend. Some, after missing classes, ask to take space in another class at a later date at no expense as they have "paid already." One may have paid, however one has paid for the class as promised in the current bulletin—one has not paid for future classes, or private lessons. Classes have limited enrollment to keep instruction at a high and healthy level, taking a place in both a current class and a future class is taking a place in two classes. Though the reasons for withdrawal from a class are understandable, and sometimes compelling, it is not the policy of this program to provide special accommodation to students who miss, or discontinue class.

It is a goal of this program to provide the highest quality instruction to enhance the community, please be sympathetic to the concrete need to stay on budget to be capable of offering this unique, and affordable, learning experience. This program cannot refund student tuition for missing classes, or withdrawal, without a significant increase in overall tuition.

Please note, course scheduling is at the sole discretion of this program. Options for retaking a class are extended courtesies and only can be utilized if a future class is planned that meets the level at which one discontinued.  If no class is planned that offers a desired option, It is unfortunate, but your current tuition is forfeit.  If it was a change in work that required you to withdraw, one suggestion is to try to be reimbursed by your workplace for loss of the class.