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Learn the violin or viola from home with affordable video chat group violin classes, and online private violin lessons. Attend an In-Person group violin class held in Windham, and Portland, Maine ME.

Learn Violin Online and In-Person!

Chat room, and in-person classes for beginners are starting soon, students who have played may join an experienced class at any time. Please use this page as a guide to find a class, to learn about schedule modifications, and to find info about our recitals.

Adult Beginners

Group lessons are affordable, fun, and a great way to make new friends—and maybe being part of a group will give you that little nudge to keep practicing. Our sessions will cover posture, holding the violin and bow, basic technique, and fun music. You do not need to know anything about the violin or music—this class is for absolute newcomers! You probably won't notice that every lesson is designed to build your skills methodically, and while you're home, you can access helpful info and pictures, fingerings, sound clips, and exercises from the Students section of this web site. After this two month course, students will be ready to participate in recitals. MORE

Experienced Adults

Please write and describe your experience and/or what pieces you are currently playing. From there we can see if there is a class near your level of playing that you can visit and observe—or participate in if you wish! Feel free to prepare a short video of your playing (a minute or so will do) if you wish to have help in being placed in a class, or we can meet via video chat to see where you're at with your violin. MORE

Private Lessons for Kids

Violin lessons are one of the best ways to help your child develop movement skills, reasoning ability, and creativity! Children who learn music adapt to other learning experiences with greater ease, social sensitivity, and self confidence. Violin studies enhance a child's well being, and young students will benefit from a better balanced education. MORE

Continuing Students

Signing up for class early will help ensure that your class will be offered as planned, groups with fewer than 3 enrollments may be postponed, so please reserve your place in class ahead of time.

For continuing students with…

     2 months of lessons, your next class is "Violin 1b"
     4 months of lessons, your next class is "Violin 1c"
     6 months of lessons, your next class is "Violin 1d"
     8 months of lessons, your next class is "Violin 1e"
     10 months of lessons, your next class is “Violin 1f” or "Violin 2a" if we have completed our first book by the end of "Violin 1e"
     1-4 years of lessons, please see this list of classes for experienced students.
     5+ years of lessons, please have a look at our Violin Ensemble class.

Don't see your next class? Please be in touch as your next class may be planned for the future, and not yet visible in the current schedule. Students waiting for classes to begin may wish to take private lessons during the interim, please visit the private lessons page to schedule meeting times.

StringSchool students who have taken a break from lessons are always welcome to back! If you're unsure of which class to join, please write.

"After waiting for decades to do something I've dreamed of, I am amazed at how much I've leaned and progressed in such a short time. If playing the violin is what you want to do, StringSchool is an excellent way to learn and grow."
Yvonne B.
Philadelphia, PA
"After all those years of thinking & wondering if I could or should, I finally feel that I AM A VIOLINIST."
Irene K.
"The group lessons are the best clean fun around. Better than therapy! You'll feel great about learning something that can nurture your soul for the rest of your life."
Mary Ann C.
"Playing with a group is so much more fun than playing alone, and it's easy to find people to play with who are at roughly the same level as you, whether you've recently started or have been playing for years."
Kori N.
Washington, DC
"It has been such a joy to express and enjoy music through the violin. It has opened up an entirely new world."
Mary C.
San Francisco, CA
It's never too late to pick up the instrument that you love!
Stephanie A.