AOL & Yahoo Email Accounts

Using AOL or Yahoo Email?

Please be aware that AOL and Yahoo can be problematic in sending and receiving email. Due to being hacked, and theft of user data, AOL and Yahoo have a high rejection rate, and may delete legitimate emails with no notification to the sender or recipient. Users sending from AOL/Yahoo have experienced delivery problems due to restrictive sending protocols.

If you used an email address at AOL/Yahoo when enrolling in a class, it is strongly recommended to send a substitute address from any other email provider to ensure communication, gmail being the most reliable. When sending a substitute email address, please include your name and/or email address used when signing up for class. You will be notified within a few days if your email was received and your address changed. If your email is Not received, there will be NO REPLY. So please be sure to compose your email from a NON-AOL/Yahoo address.

Sorry for any inconvenience, for additional information concerning AOL/Yahoo email issues, please visit:

LA Times | PC World | HTML Email Guide